School Regulations

A. General Behaviour

  1. Personal appearance (Please refer to “Rules on Personal Appearance and School Uniform.”)
  2. Students should keep quiet while lining up in single file, with girls in the front and boys at the rear, for morning assemblies and while proceeding to special rooms.
  3. Students should enter their classrooms immediately when the bell rings.
  4. Students must stand up and greet teachers and visitors when they enter or leave the classroom.
  5. No students may remain in their classrooms after dismissal without permission.
  6. All lights, fans and air-conditioners should be switched off before students leave the classroom.
  7. Running along corridors and staircases or making unnecessary noises is strictly forbidden.
  8. Students must not enter other classrooms without teacher’s permission.
  9. Food and drinks can only be consumed in permitted areas.
  10. Students should keep the campus clean and tidy, taking care of public property.
  11. Any damage done to school property must be reported at once and paid for, if required.
  12. The loss of personal property should be reported immediately. However the school authority cannot be held responsible.
  13. The office telephone may be used only with the permission of the office staff and when calls are urgent.
  14. Smoking and gambling are strictly forbidden in the school premises or anywhere.
  15. Students should get teachers’ approval before coming back to school on Saturday, Sunday or during any holidays. They should comply with the regulations for students who come back during holidays. (Please refer to the notices on respective classroom notice board.)
  16. Circulars may be sent around the classes only with the permission of the Principal.

B. Examinations

  1. Examination is held at the end of each school term. All examinations are taken into account in deciding promotion.
  2. A student who fails to get promotion may repeat the year. One who fails twice must leave school.
  3. A student found cheating in an examination will be disqualified from it.
  4. In the case of sickness during an examination, the Principal must be informed in writing supported with a doctor’s recommendation immediately.
  5. Students being absent from school for twenty days without any reasons will not be allowed to sit for the examination. Students being absent from school for whatever reasons for more than one third of the school days will not be allowed to sit for the examination.
  6. Students should comply with examination regulations strictly. (Displayed in examination rooms.)

C. Attendance

  1. A student unable to attend school should phone the school clerks at 8:15am in person or through his/her parent or guardian on the day of absence. A note of excuse bearing parent or guardian’s signature must be submitted to the form teacher concerned the next day (please refer to P.28 of the Student Handbook).
  2. A student of F.4 or above classes who has been absent for three consecutive days without informing the School Authority will be considered to have left School. For F.1 to F.3 students, it will be dealt with in accordance with relevant Education and Manpower Bureau regulations.
  3. Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds during school time without permission from the School Authority.
  4. Students may not be absent from a particular class without obtaining the permission of the class teacher and for a purpose approved by the Principal.
  5. A student late for school must present his/her student card or Student’s Handbook to the janitor at the security-post by the school gate for registration. Students who have requested for leave of absence before hand from the class teacher should bring his/ her Student Handbook to the General Office within two working days in order to cancel the record of lateness.
  6. To be absent from P.E. lessons, a student must bring a letter of excuse to the P.E. master/mistress. To be absent from P.E. lessons for a period of more than two weeks requires, in addition, a doctor’s certificate.

D. Restricted Areas

Unless with permission, the following places in school are out of bounds to all students:

  1. The School Hall
  2. The General Office
  3. The Conference Room
  4. The Teachers’ Rooms
  5. The Teachers’ Common Room
  6. Teachers’ Lavatories
  7. The Parents-Teachers Association Office
  8. All Special rooms
  9. The Printing Room
  10. The Fitness Room
  11. The P.E. storage Room
  12. Roof areas

E. Letter of Warning or Dismissal

  1. At the discretion of the Principal, a letter of warning may be sent to the parents or guardian of a student whose behaviour is unsatisfactory.
  2. A student will be expelled from the school without warning for the following:
    1. For a serious breach of school rules.
    2. For committing a grave moral or criminal offence inside or outside the school.
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