頒獎禮於 2020年1月11日 假嗇色園鳳鳴樓禮堂舉行。
本校同學參加標語創作比賽 (學生組) 成績斐然。
6E 鄧蔚淇勇奪學生組季軍,獲頒發獎狀及現金2,000元,以茲鼓勵。
另外,6D 何卓霖和 4B 陳嘉恩奪得優異獎,獲頒發獎狀及現金500元。
2019-12-09The 24th HK Sch Chinese and English Penmanship Competition

Jointly Organized by the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’Union and the Hong Kong Hard Pen Calligraphers’Association

The 24th Hong Kong School Chinese and English Penmanship Competition

The following students are awarded certificates as encouragement.

3A  Chan Ka Yi  Chinese Penmanship Finalist
3A  Tong Ka Ki  Chinese Penmanship Finalist
2D  Chow Pui Kei, Kate  English Penmanship Finalist
5C  Lee Chin Wai, Gaby  English Penmanship Finalist

Students' Penmanship can be viewed by clicking students' names above.



5A 溫和棟奪得高中組亞軍,獲大會頒發獎盃一座及現金500元,以茲鼓勵。


2A 劉心冰

3A 呂宛如

3D 曾珮欣

 4C 黃俊寧


 5D 姚柏丞

2019-12-042019 Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows

Congratulations to our school Symphonic Band who won the Silver Award in Junior Class

2019-11-29Ho Fung 45th Anniversary cum Information day

On 29th & 30th November 2019, our school together with our major stakeholders celebrated its 45th Anniversary with the Opening Ceremony cum Information Day. Well over 2000 guests, including distinguished members of our sponsoring body Sik Sik Yuen and of our Incorporated Management Committee, alumni, parents, our prospective students and their families, attended this memorable occasion joining us in this extravaganza showcasing students’ performances and presentations that every Hofunger is truly proud of.

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