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2021-04-18 (Sunday)The 47th Youth Literary Awards
Host : Youth Literary Awards AssociationResponsible Person : Ms. Chan Yee Ting

Congratulations to

5C Irene Lee

who won the Merit Award of the 47th 
Youth Literary Award (Prose, Junior Section)

Website of Youth Literary Awards Association

2021-03-06 (Saturday)The 19th Basic Law Debate Competition (Putonghua)
2021-02-27 (Saturday)Students' Top Ten News Election: News Comment. Comp.(Chin.)
2020-11-27 (Friday)第一屆大灣區「尊師重道」生命教育徵文比賽
2020-10-12 (Monday)The 98th HK Award for Young People Silver Award Presentation
2020-09-23 (Wednesday)Essay Competition organized by Fuzi Chamber
2020-09-17 (Thursday)Mei Ho House HK Spirit Learning Project Essay Competition
2020-09-12 (Saturday)EU-Asia Sch. E-Con on Sustainable Cities and Urban Innovation
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