English Week (2022-2023)

2023-03-06 (Monday)
Leader : English Department
Category : Academic¦Others

The English Week was successfully held from 6 March 2023 to 10 March 2023. Students learnt English through a series of interesting and educational activities organised by the English Society, including competitions like Poem Recitation, Storytelling, Public Speaking, Voice-over and 'English Challenges' for different forms of students. 

Meanwhile, 'Stop the Bus' , an engaging and exciting game hosted by the NET during the morning assemblies, thrilled the audience and all players enjoyed the game very much. 

The highlight of the Week must be the Games Day, in which games stalls were set up and run by S3 and S4 classes. On that day, most students took part in the games designed while others played scrabble with their teachers or classmates. They used English in a natural and relaxing context.


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