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Career guidance is provided for students of all academic levels in the form of information giving and counseling on further studies and job opportunities. Career activities are usually planned each year to include talks and experience sharing sessions, board displays, and visits to career exhibitions, to academic (usually tertiary institutions) and non-academic organizations.


In view of the transition from our present system to the new 3-3-4 system, students need only take one external examination before they further their studies in universities. With the vast number of students, over 70000 (not screened anymore by HKCEE) compete for a very limited number of degree course programmes offered (maybe still about 11000) each year. Competition is no doubt severely keen and over 85% of the students have therefore to take some alternative paths like associate degrees, higher diploma, studying overseas or in mainland China if they want to keep on further studies. Thus, career guidance appears to be crucial in the sense that students could be well-informed of different means of continuing their studies and different requirements of some professions & job opportunities.


There has also been a drastic change in the scope of university education recently. New courses planned to meet social needs as well as the trend of our times come into existence each year with an ever increasing number. An average S6 student (under new 3-3-4 system) may therefore have a wider choice of courses at the universities and a better prospect after graduation. But knowledge alone will help him little with his future careers without himself acquiring skills pertaining to languages, communication and interpersonal relations, and information technology, not to mention an extended global outlook, and this is especially so with the greater extent of globalization which is on its course throughout the world and is irresistible.


It is our hope to assist students to know more about their viable studying and career paths, choose their study programmes and careers best suited to their interest and aptitude, and to prepare them to face future challenges with confidence.

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