2020-08-24Staff Development Day (E-Learning of the Last Academic Year)
The First Staff Development Day of this academic year was held on 24 August 2020, the theme of which was “E-Learning of the Last Academic Year”. Teachers representing fourteen subjects shared their valuable experience in teaching with the help of various IT tools and applications they adopted last year. The inspiring sharing provided all teaching staff with fresh thinking and new ideas in implementing IT in education.
2020-08-22Students Winning the First Runner-up in a Creative Writing Competition

5D Bosco Wan 
who won the 1st runner-up of a Creative Writing Competition (Senior Form, Chinese) organized by "陳贊一博士教育基金" and, 

3A Michelle Lui 
who won the 2nd runner-up of the same competition (Junior From, Chinese).

Entry of  Bosco Wan

Entry of Michelle Lui

2020-08-10Zoom Link for Pre-S1 Summer Eng. Bridging Prog.

The Zoom meeting links and IDs for the programme have been emailed to parents and students. If you have any enquiries, please contact the School Office on 2425 3563. 

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