Blue House

House Slogan

We’ve got the B, B for Bravery.
We’ve got the L, L for Leadership.
We’ve got the U, U for Unity.
We’ve got the E, E for Energy.
We’ve got the other one, just fight for the other one.
B-L-U-E, blue, blue, blue, yeah!

House Activities

From House activities, such as the orientation tea gathering and cheering team practice, to Inter-House competitions, Blue House members demonstrated enthusiastic participation.They showed their love, spirit and commitment to the House.On the Sports Day, they performed their best on the sportsground.This contributed to the success of Blue House.It gained the honour of Girls Overall Championship and the First Runner-up of cheering team competition last year.In addition, Blue House got the Girls Overall Championship in the Cross-country Run.In the past few years, Blue House established very good records.For example, it won the Swimming Gala Championship three years in a row 2006-2009.

Personal Reflection

Being a House Chairman is never an easy task.In fact, it is a big challenge. I had to lead my House members, and ensure that they worked hard and competed well against the other three Houses in various competitions.In Inter-house events, a lot of preparation work had to be done. It was tough but enjoyable. I was so touched by the look on the faces of my team mates as they cheered and shouted our House on that I will never forget that scene.

Learning how to cope with adversity, learning the value of team work and positive communication and getting the chance to serve my House and my school well: these are the things I will take away with me. This experience has enriched my life.

Finally, I would like to thank all the members of the Blue House for their hard work and our two teacher advisors for their support.