The School Prefect Team is set up to assist the School Discipline Section. The Team implements the School's discipline policy to help maintain a safe, disciplined and harmonious learning environment.

The Team, which is headed by a Head Prefect, consists of five groups. Each group is headed by a group leader. All prefects are nominated by teachers after careful observation and evaluation to ensure that the prefects could be role models of the schoolmates.

Regular duties of the School Prefect Team include:

  • checking schoolmates' uniforms during morning assemblies;
  • patrolling corridors during lunchtime;
  • escorting schoolmates to the school hall for assemblies;
  • monitoring detention classes after school; and
  • taking up special duties when necessary

The Team also assists in other school events, such as Sports Days and Parents' Days. All prefects show great enthusiasm and a strong sense of responsibility when performing the duties. The Team is eager to enhance students' sense of belonging. They understand that the good behaviour of students will leave a good and lasting impression of the School to the public.

In our society, everyone is granted freedom to do whatever they want unless they pose harm to others. If this criterion is breached, the violator is sent to jail where he is reformed. In other words, citizens ought to be self-disciplined or else they will be disciplined. School, being the epitome of society, is the same case. Students violating school rules will receive advice or even warning from prefects. In view of that, prefects must be self-disciplined so as to set a good model for schoolmates who may otherwise have an excuse to break the school regulations.

This year, we have a devoted prefect team. It not only sets a good model for our schoolmates but also executes discipline indiscriminately. Accordingly, students can focus on learning and enjoy their school life to the full.