Enhancement Scheme

Within regular classes

  • To help students adapt to using English as the medium of instruction and to raise their English proficiency, our school puts extra resources into the S1 program and has implemented small group English teaching.
  • To cater for learner diversity, our school has adopted ‘Ability Grouping’ in S2 and S3 and implemented elite classes, as well as Chinese and English remedial classes. Tailor-made curricula have also been designed and different teaching strategies have been applied to raise students’ overall academic performance.
  • To lower the student-teacher ratio, our school has expanded from 4 classes in senior forms to 5 classes so as to provide greater opportunity for teacher/ student interaction. 

On top of regular classes

  • Due to the disparity in skill levels among students who come from different primary schools, our school holds Chinese, English, Mathematics and Science supplementary homework tutorials every Saturday morning for students who are having difficulty with the school programme.
  • To boost the core skills of students with comparatively lower performance and to help them overcome their learning difficulties, our school offers remedial classes in Chinese, English, Mathematics and Science for S2 to S5 students.
  • To help students deal with the public exams and cater for learner diversity, our school offers elite classes and remedial classes in addition to regular classes for S6 students.
  • Our school provides students with diversified courses, such as leadership training, creative writing, gifted education, critical thinking, drama etc. so that students can fully explore and develop their capabilities.
  • Our school sets up task forces to take care of students who are in need of special education, for example, students with physical disabilities and non-Chinese speaking students.