Co-curricular Activities Unit


1. Whole-person Development

To encourage students to try and participate in school activities actively so as to develop their multi-talent, a wide range of extra-curricular activities are provided. All S1 students are required to receive one-year training related to either physical education or music, hoping that students can explore their interests in arts and physical talents, and further exert their strengths in the future. HKAYP scheme led by school teachers has started in 2012 with an aim to develop senior form students' self-learning abilities, potential and interests through community services, technology, recreational and team activities required by the scheme. The activities can enrich students’other learning experiences, which can also be recorded in Students' OLE profiles. It is believed that the qualifications, which are world-wide organized, can be of great help to students' future academic or career path.

2. Leadership Training

To allow students to fully and actively enhance their leadership, school has great trust in students’leaders, chairpersons, organizers by giving them a free hand to initiate or organize any meaningful activities, and showing support with resources required. Students can learn how to work independently with confidence and sense of responsibilities through serving school and students as well. Apart from activities initiated by student leaders, school also organize or assist leadership training programmes in order to train up more outstanding leaders. To go in line with school's direction, leadership training is one of the team focused issues.

3. Multi-talent training

To strengthen students' talents in different areas, this team arranges and monitors a wide range of interest courses, classes, clubs and societies, such as First Aid class, musical instrument classes, drama club, dance clubs, debate skill training classes.

4. Learning opportunities to widen students' horizons

To open students' eyes and enrich their learning experience, school provides different opportunities and activities for students to take part in, including study tours, inter-school competitions, external performances, exchange programmes/ visits and international competitions.

5. Community services

To cultivate students' care about our society and the needed around, school actively promotes various kinds of social services which students can choose to join.Since volunteering can help students to gain the feeling of self-worth and respect, and it is also renowned for skill development, socialization, and fun, we became the participating organization of the Volunteer Movement, which was launched by the Social Welfare Department, since 2007.  This helps to promote students and even parents to take part in the volunteering works inside and outside school. In each year, hundreds of participants, most of them are students, and some are parents joined this programme and many of them got awards as an appreciation of their commitment in their voluntary work.