Moral and Civic Education is an essential element of whole-person education which aims at fostering students' positive values and attitudes through the learning and teaching of various learning areas and the provision of relevant learning experiences. School promotes moral and civic education among students through different activates such as Basic Law Learning, Green School, Life Education, Culture Experience in mainland China, etc. to develop students’ positive values, social responsibility and objective and reasonable judgment as well as to help students understand civic rights, so that they could take proper action to deal with the challenges in their future life.

Life Education

School takes cultivation of positive values and attitudes as the direction and makes use of daily life events to conduct Life Education among Junior Form students. Bully handling, confidence establishment, teamwork building, social identity, anti-drug education are all covered by connecting with diverse learning activities. Besides, staff from Police Department are also invited to give talks to enhance students’ awareness of social safety.

Green School

The objectives of Green School are to provide opportunities for students to acquire the knowledge and skills for sustainable development and to provide opportunities for all of us to promote environmental protection among ourselves and the general public.

We promote the conception of Green School through various cross-curricular domains. Relevant knowledge and topics are taught and introduced by Geography, Liberal Studies, Biology, Chemistry and Integrated Science. A group of Student Environmental Protection Ambassadors are appointed to help promote environmental education in the school. Recycling at campus, Rooftop Garden, Water Saving are various activities for students to join the action of protecting environment. 

Culture Experience in Mainland China

School trips are arranged for students to pay visits to different cities in mainland China including Guang Zhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing and so on so as to have a better understanding of the Chinese history and culture. Students even have the chance to visit our sister school in Guang Zhou and sit in the class to compare the difference of the education system between Hong Kong and mainland China. Being independent out of home, students are also trained to care for others and respect others during the trips.

Basic Law

In order to support learning and teaching of Basic Law education, display boards are designed with relevant knowledge and information to publicise Basic Law among students. The EDB version of Basic Law is also selected to be taught at Life and Society lessons. Various activities related to Basic Law such as quiz competitions and inter-house debating are organised to motivate students to study more.

School dedicates to promote Moral and Civic Education through nurturing students values and attitudes of perseverance, respect for others, responsibility, national identity, commitment, and care for others.