Career guidance is provided for students of all academic levels in the form of providing information and counseling on further studies and job opportunities. Career activities are usually planned each year to include talks, experience sharing sessions, board displays, and visits to career exhibitions, to academic (usually tertiary institutions) and non-academic organizations.

In view of the implementation of the new 3-3-4 curriculum , students face very keen competition and over 80% of the students therefore have to go through alternative paths like associate degrees, higher diploma, studying overseas or in mainland China if they want to pursue further studies. Thus, career guidance appears to be crucial in the sense that students could be well-informed in advance before they make decisions about their study or career options.

There has also been a drastic change in the scope of university education recently. An increasing number of new courses designed to meet the social and professional needs come into existence each year. An average S6 student admitted to a university may have a wider choice of courses and therefore have more opportunities after graduation. However, having subject knowledge alone no longer suffices in the workplace now, having strong communication skills, good interpersonal relationship, being well versed in information technology, and having extended global outlook are equally important. This is particularly so with the greater extent of globalization worldwide

It is our hope that through a series of well-planned programmes such as aptitude tests conducted by professional institutions like HKFYG, organizing DSE Results Release Talk and Workshop, Job Workshop, Career Mapping Workshop, talks on Overseas Studies, experience sharing session by alumni and visits to careers expo, various tertiary institutions and different companies to help our students to know more about their viable study and career paths so that they are well-informed when choosing their study programmes and careers which are best suited to their interest and aptitude. We also hope that that they are well-equipped to take on challenges in the future with confidence.

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