Supervisor Mr. LAI Chak Sum
Principal Mr. Siu Chi Sun
Sponsoring Body Sik Sik Yuen
Religion Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism
School Motto To act benevolently and to teach benevolence
Year of Commencement of Operation 1974
School Size About 7779 Sq. M
School Type Aided (Co-ed)
Medium of Instruction English (S1 - S6)
Number of Classes 24
Number of Students 740
Number of Teachers 57 (Including School Head)
Qualifications and Professional Training Bachelor Degree: 44.6%, Master / Doctorate Degree or above: 55.4%
Working Experiences 0-4 years: 23.2% , 5-9 years: 5.4%, 10 years or above: 71.4%
Direct Public Transportation to School Bus: 32, 36, 40X, 46X, 47X, 48X, 73X, 278X
Mini-bus: 82, 94, 312, 403, 403A, 403P, 403X
School Facilities Besides the basic school setting, new facilities upgraded in 2014 include STEM Room, Ho Fung Channel, Physical Fitness Centre and Roof Garden. All classrooms, laboratories and student activity rooms are air-conditioned.