Red House

House Slogan

We are the RED.

We are the CHAMPION.

We are the BEST.

House Activities

In addition to the annual inter-house competitions, there are many activities organised for Red House members, such as the House Annual meeting, the cheering team practice, and the orientation tea gathering.It is hoped that a stronger sense of belonging can be fostered within the Red House, and that junior and senior form members can learn to work together more effectively helping to build a more positive working and learning atmosphere in the school.

Personal Reflection

For the last two years, the Red House has won the Overall House Championship.On Sports Day, the cheer squad members wore smart pink T-shirts, and gave a great boost to our competitors with their passionate and vociferous support of the team.They made an extra effort for finals and when we had a favourite on the track or in the field. No doubt, they made a big difference. Apart from their vocal support, they also hung up beautifully designed banners in the stadium, which they had spent many hours preparing in the weeks leading up to the big day.With our encouragement, many Red House members participated in a wide range of events, from sprinting and long-distance running to the hurdles, long jump, and javelin. We are truly a formidable team.

Success comes after laughter and tears.Although we lost the award in the cheer squad competition on the Sports Day, we did not become dejected and disappointed.We continued to work hard and we successfully got the Overall Champion of the Cross-country Run in December 2008.

Going forward, we believe that we can perform even better, and have no plans to change our well-known slogan!